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FTL ( Faster then light) Epic game

                               FTL ( Faster then light)

FTL is a spaceship simulation roguelike-like. Its aim is to recreate the atmosphere of running a spaceship exploring the galaxy (like Firefly/Star Trek etc.) In any given episode of those classic shows, the captain is always yelling “Reroute power to shields!” or giving commands to the engineer now that their Warp Core is on fire.  you get to  experience, as opposed to the “dog fighting in space” that most videogames focus on. It's a game where u had to manage the crew, fix the engines, reroute power to shields, target the enemy life support, and then figure out how to repel the boarders that just transported over. Overall it's a great game and it's very addicting, i have spent many nights playing till 3,4 Am. Aldo it's a very fun game it is also one of the most challenging games out there. I had around 20 runs on easy and still couldn't beat it. It has different ships with different crew who are better at something than others and every  ship has 2 versions who are different not only by look but by the weapons they have. Every jump there is something new and the maps are never the same because the maps are random generated and u will never get the same map twice. 

It was a top selling game on steam and it still is. You can buy it from
  • Steam!
    • Costs $9.99 in the US
    • Windows and Mac only.  (FTL will be on the Linux beta in a few months but not now)
    • Standard Steam conversions of £6.99 / €9.99 / 249 rubles / $7.99 in CIS territories.
  • GOG.com
    • Costs $9.99 in all regions.
    • DRM free build for Windows only!  
    • You will also receive a few bonus items: 5 songs from the soundtrack, a mini-artbook, wallpapers & avatars.
    • EDIT – GOG.com recently started distributing the Mac version as well.
  • Our there Website!! 
    • DRM-free builds for Windows, Mac and Linux.
    • Costs $9.99 in all regions (you can give us a tip too).
    • You will also receive a Steam key.
That's from me today hope u guys like it and try it out :)
http://www.ftlgame.com/ this is there web site if u want to see it :) 


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