Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

Here are some fun keyboard shortcuts you can use to make your experience on the pc more pleasurable and easier :) Be sure to keep up by giving us a like on Facebook to keep up with the random tips . :)

Ok so first we have:

Windows program key combinations:

  • F1: Help
  • CTRL+ESC: Open Start menu
  • ALT+TAB: Switch between open programs
  • ALT+F4: Quit program
  • SHIFT+DELETE: Delete item permanently
  • Windows Logo+L: Lock the computer (without using CTRL+ALT+DELETE)

    Mouse click/keyboard modifier combinations for shell objects

    • SHIFT+right click: Displays a shortcut menu containing alternative commands
    • SHIFT+double click: Runs the alternate default command (the second item on the menu)
    • ALT+double click: Displays properties
    • SHIFT+DELETE: Deletes an item immediately without placing it in the Recycle Bin

    General folder/shortcut control

    • F4: Selects the Go To A Different Folder box and moves down the entries in the box (if the toolbar is active in Windows Explorer)
    • F5: Refreshes the current window.
    • F6: Moves among panes in Windows Explorer
    • CTRL+Z: Undo the last command
    • CTRL+A: Select all the items in the current window
    • BACKSPACE: Switch to the parent folder
    • SHIFT+click+Close button: For folders, close the current folder plus all parent folders

    That's for now and if you guys want a more advance shortcuts not for everyday usage leave a comment here or on our Facebook fanpage. :)


    What is an antivirus

    What is an Antivirus

    Antiviruses are protective software designed to defend your computer against malicious software. Malicious software, or "malware" includes: viruses, Trojans, keyloggers, hijackers, dialers, and other code that vandalizes or steals your computer contents.

    Free antiviruses software

    If you've been noticing weird behaviour or slowdowns on your PC or web browser, it is most likely due to a virus of some sort. Here is some free software that can help.

    5. Panda Cloud Antivirus (Download)

    As the name suggests, Panda scans your local folders against a ginormous antivirus signature database in the cloud. Quick to install and requiring no updates, this is the first antivirus you should check out in case you feel like your PC has been infiltrated.

    4. Microsoft Security Essentials (Download)

    This free download from Microsoft is an obvious choice for anyone who has a licensed vesion of Windows at work or at home. MSE is has a light system footprint and is available for small businesses with upto 10 users.

    3Ad-Aware Free Internet Security (Download)

    Lavasoft's Ad-Aware has clocked over 400 million downloads largely due to a free version available for personal home use. The software tries to mitigate all possible threats, functioning as an antivirus, antispyware, and offers real-time anti-malware protection.

    2. AVG Anti-Virus (Download)

    One of the most popular freeware suites, the free version offers basic anti-virus protection and scans links while browsing to eliminate phishing and malware threats. All in all, the 2011 edition is solid freeware solution that has garnered good ratings.

    1. Avast (Download)

    The new version of Avast is effective against spyware, malware, and any kind of virus infestation, and puts up over eight real-time shields, scanning through a large variety of file types and compression formats. Avast provides protection on instant messenger and P2P clients as well. 

    Next it will be the best paid antivirus if you have some money to invest in your pc protection be sure to keep up by giving us a like on Facebook to keep up. :) 

    What is a virus

                                Computer virus

    Today we are going to talk about  pc viruses and what they are and what they do.So let us first ask our ourselves What is a computer virus? Well Computer viruses are small software programs that are designed to spread from one computer to another and to interfere with computer operation.

    What do computer viruses do?

    Through the course of using the Internet and your computer, you may have come in to contact with computer viruses. Many computer viruses are stopped before they can start, but there is still an ever growing concern as to what do computer viruses do and the list of common computer virus symptoms. A computer virus might corrupt or delete data on your computer, use your email program to spread itself to other computers, or even erase everything on your hard disk.
    Computer viruses are often spread by attachments in email messages or instant messaging messages. That is why it is essential that you never open email attachments unless you know who it's from and you are expecting it.
    Viruses can be disguised as attachments of funny images, greeting cards, or audio and video files.
    Computer viruses also spread through downloads on the Internet. They can be hidden in illicit software or other files or programs you might download.
    To help avoid computer viruses, it's essential that you keep your computer current with the latest updates and antivirus tools, stay informed about recent threats, run your computer as a standard user (not as administrator), and that you follow a few basic ruleswhen you surf the Internet, download files, and open attachments.
    Once a virus is on your computer, its type or the method it used to get there is not as important as removing it and preventing further infection.
    Overall viruses make your pc a lot more slower then it would work regularly and that why everyone needs some sort of free or paid antiviruses. That will be in our next post so like us on Facebook to keep up. :) 

    Installing PC Games

    Tips for installing pc Games

    Sometimes installing games and other software on your computer can be a real pain. Here are a couple easy ways to do it.

    1.Insert the CD or DVD in the optical drive of your computer. It will automatically detect that a disc has been inserted, and a window will display on the monitor. Allow approximately 30 seconds for this to happen. You’ll probably hear the drive as it spins up and reads your disc.

    2.Find the application manually. If nothing pops up within 30 seconds, then open your main hard drive icon (on the top right of your monitor) and search for an icon with your game's name in the file.

    3.If there’s a Read Me First  document, read it first. It may contain valuable information about installation and operation.

    4.Install the software. There may be an installer. If so, double-click it, and follow the prompts. The DVD may simply display the game’s folder with an arrow pointing to your Applications folder. If so, simply drag the game file onto the icon of the Applications folder shown. The software will copy into that folder.

    5.Wait, while the computer installs the program. This might be brief, or it could take quite a long time, depending on the complexity of your game and the speed and efficiency of your PC.

    6.Then, when the installation is finished you go to the disc and find crack if its ask for crack or it says no dvd insert disc or missing file
    THE CRACK process is :
    First you find the crack then copy everything in the crack folder and then you put everything in the place you install the game with copy and past and that’s all.

    7.Launch the application. Play the game, and have fun. If you like the game always support the company making it.

    And if you have any problem just leave them in the comment section and I will help you in any way I can to fix your problem.Like me on FACEBOOK so you can keep up with all the new tutorials and random pc stuff :)
    Also if you want to find some new games u can check some not so famous games here :)

    2013 upcoming low budget pc games

    2013 upcoming low budget pc games

    So here are the best upcoming games of 2013 from all categorize in my opinion. The games look very fun and there are a lot but for this post i have picked out my 20 fav. Enjoy :)

    1.Remember Me

    Publisher: Capcom
    Release: May
    “We’ll always have Paris,” as the saying goes – not so much in the Neo-Paris of 2084, when memories can be erased or altered by Memory Hunters. You play as one such mnemonic saboteur, called Nilin, herself rendered amnesiac by agents of the oppressive Parisien regime. Thirdperson acrobatics and assassinations ensue as you try to piece together the conspiracy, and featuring the world’s mostcomplicated sounding combat system. You also get to wreck men’s minds by jumping into their memory and replaying events to reconfigure their recollection. Convince someone they killed their girlfriend during an argument, for instance, and you may just drive them to suicide. How lovely.

    2.Zombie Playground

    Publisher: Massive Black Inc
    Release: March
    It all started with Jason Chan’s awesome illustration of a group of kids battling the shambling grey hordes from atop a helter-skelter. Some time (and near enough $170k of Kickstarter funding) later, and that pre-teen zompocalypse concept has congealed into a thirdperson team-shooter. Though it may be viewed through a child’s imagination, with fanciful touches like tentacled biology-class mannequins and neon-coloured toy guns that fire actual sizzling plasma death, the copious gore attests to the fact that this is certainly not a game for kids. It’s got a pumping soundtrack too, courtesy of hip-hop producer Aesop Rock.

    3Plants Vs Zombies 2

    Publisher: EA
    Release: Spring
    We know next to nothing about it – hence the screenshot above being from the first game – but there’s a good bet that it’ll contain zombies, plants and their never-ending war. This is also PopCap’s first big game since being bought by EA and laying off a chunk of their staff early in 2012. Amongst those lay-offs? Original Plants vs. Zombies creator George Fan.

    4.Eador: Masters Of The Broken World

    Publisher: Snowblind Studios
    Release: Q1 2013
    Hexes and fantasy and turn-based strategy are common bedfellows, but Eador: Masters Of The Broken World introduces a karma system to mix things up a bit. As the developers say – you are the leader of a people, and your choices will have an effect on the world and its people. Beyond just making them all slaughter each other, that is.

    Publisher: Compulsion Games
    Release: Q1 2013
    A surrealist 1920s Vaudeville vibe marks this out as a particularly idiosyncratic puzzle-platformer, in which you help a young girl to uncover the mysteries behind her family’s troubled past. The twist is you control a woman only the girl can see, and, as this possibly imaginary woman, you can interact with shadows, transforming into a silhouette able to dance between the areas of shade cast by real world objects.
    6.Don’t Starve

    Publisher: Klei
    Release: March
    “Survive! Collect! Attack!” is the tag line for Klei’s sepia-toned open world survival game, Don’t Starve. You play a top-hatted gentleman adventurer who must wander the randomly generated wilderness, collecting tools for your camp to aid your survival. There will be little in the way of a tutorial, Klei want us to discover how their mysterious world works for ourselves. There are hints scattered throughout the update notes on the Don’t Starve site, however. Your dapper gent can cultivate eggs and hatch feathery companions, fish in ponds and fight flaming hounds. If you’re too callous with those you meet, you risk enraging the “Krampus” demon, who will hunt your adventurer down and punish him for his sins. Eek.

    7.The Franz Kafka Videogame

    Publisher: mif2000
    Release: TBC 2013
    There’s little to go on with The Franz Kafka Videogame right now, beyond the fact it’s an adventure/puzzle game featuring everyone’s favourite existentialist author. Alright, not everyone’s favourite, because you can never know everyone. In fact, do you even know yourself? Because to truly know yourself you surely have to be confident in your own existence, and to… oh my.

    8.Ir/rational Investigator

    Publisher: Tom Jubert
    Release: Q1 2013
    A spoof noir story, Ir/rational Investigator may look like an adventure game, but it departs from rote in a big way: pointing-and-clicking is replaced by a puzzle minigame in which you unpick bits of if-then-else propositional logic.

    9.Grim Dawn

    Publisher: Crate Entertainment
    Release: August
    From the people behind Titan Quest, comes this top down action RPG, set in a world ravaged by otherworldly forces – those who want to enslave humanity and those who want to destroy humanity before they are yoked by their opponents. Only outsiders – humans rejected by their own because of their unearthly powers – can launch a resistance. Five classes, multiple skill trees in each, and synergistic modifiers aplenty are promised, along with oodles of loot and co-op.

    10.Mistborn: Birthright

    Publisher: Little Orbit
    Release: Autumn
    Birthright is an RPG based on the popular Mistborn fantasy books, which is set in a world of “Allomancers,” who can do magic with select metals by burning and ingesting them. It’s an unusual conceptual bedrock for a magic system, and one that I can imagine transitioning nicely into videogame form. Sadly, there’s very little information about Mistborn: Birthright, save for a little concept art and a “Fall 2013” release window, though the author of the novels, Brandon Sanderson, has signed on for story and dialogue duties.

    11.Mars: War Logs

    Publisher: Spiders Games
    Release: Mid-2013
    Say it with me: a cyberpunk RPG set on Mars. That’s all you need to know. It’s like if Red Faction had deeper elements to it (and didn’t go rubbish with Armageddon and then die) like RPG-style combat, dialogue choices, customisable characters and all that jazz. The biggest problem is it’s made by Spiders, which means PCG’s very own Rich will probably be too afraid to play it.


    Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
    Release: Late 2013
    Zwei’s the codename for the first project from Bethesda-owned, Shinji Mikami-headed Tango Gameworks. They’re keeping tight-lipped about its contents, but one thing has been promised: it’ll be a return to the celebrated Resident Evil developer’s formative genre of survival horror.

    13.Ether One

    Publisher: White Paper Games
    Release: Early 2013
    First person adventure that takes place in the ‘broken mental structures’ of a woman called Jean. It’s the first part of two, and it’s got lofty aims – the devs claim to want to ‘explore the importance and fragility of human memories’.

    14.The Rabbit’s Apprentice

    Publisher: Daedalic
    Release: Fall 2013
    A young boy’s daydreams turn to reality in this charming point-and-click from indie adventure game dev Matt Kempke (What Makes You Tick: A Stitch in Time). A giant rabbit calling itself the Marquis de Hoto invites the protagonist to enter Mousewood, a magical realm reminiscent of Wind in the Willows. But are such giant talking rabbits to be trusted? And what dangerous spell has cast a pall over the inhabitants of Mousewood?

    15.Lilly Looking Through

    Publisher: Geeta Games
    Release: May
    An adventure game of some incredible beauty, this sumptuously animated fantasy sees the player point-and-click their way through puzzles with the aid of a magic pair of goggles. These allow the protagonist, a young girl named Lilly, to flit between past and present world states. The puzzles and movement seen in the currently available demo are restricted to hot-points, but it’s still hard not to get lost in the Pixar-quality animation.


    Publisher: Moonspider Studio
    Release: Spring
    Another upcoming platformer with really stunning cartoon art. You play as a guardian angel guiding the titular Harold through a hazard course strewn with pitfalls. In the past, members of the team have worked for Dreamworks, Pixar, and Studio Ghibli – and it shows.

    17.Divinity: Dragon Commander

    Publisher: Larian Studios
    Release: TBC 2013
    How to improve dragons: strap time-slowing jetpacks to them. From the developers of trad-fantasy hack-and-slasher Divinity, Dragon Commander is a mad and brilliant sounding spin-off. As the captain of a fleet of armoured dirigibles, you form your armies (and find a wife) via Mass Effect-style conversations, then switch to a combination of real-time dragon action and mid-battle turn-based strategy to win sky battles.

    18.A Hat In Time

    Publisher: Mecha The Slag
    Release: Summer
    A ‘collectathon’ platformer in the vein of Banjo Kazooie with an art style appropriated from The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. It’s not just trading on nostalgia though – it has its own off-beat humour and lurid characters.


    Publisher: The Domaginarium
    Release: TBC 2013
    A horror adventure game propelled by a deep and involved love story, Enola investigates those traditionally romantic themes of fear, isolation and murder, and avoids supernatural horror in place of more ‘human’ fears. Like getting bills in the post then, I assume.


    Publisher: Pocketwatch Games
    Release: 2013, or: ‘when it’s done’
    Players take on role of primary-coloured pixellated thieves, each with specialised roles, in this four-player top-down heist game. It’s great: it won the IGF and a whole bunch of other gongs way back in 2010. Where’s it got to since? Sources assure us it is indeed still in development, and not spending ill-gotten gains in the casinos of Rio de Janeiro as rumoured.
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