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Installing PC Games

Tips for installing pc Games

Sometimes installing games and other software on your computer can be a real pain. Here are a couple easy ways to do it.

1.Insert the CD or DVD in the optical drive of your computer. It will automatically detect that a disc has been inserted, and a window will display on the monitor. Allow approximately 30 seconds for this to happen. You’ll probably hear the drive as it spins up and reads your disc.

2.Find the application manually. If nothing pops up within 30 seconds, then open your main hard drive icon (on the top right of your monitor) and search for an icon with your game's name in the file.

3.If there’s a Read Me First  document, read it first. It may contain valuable information about installation and operation.

4.Install the software. There may be an installer. If so, double-click it, and follow the prompts. The DVD may simply display the game’s folder with an arrow pointing to your Applications folder. If so, simply drag the game file onto the icon of the Applications folder shown. The software will copy into that folder.

5.Wait, while the computer installs the program. This might be brief, or it could take quite a long time, depending on the complexity of your game and the speed and efficiency of your PC.

6.Then, when the installation is finished you go to the disc and find crack if its ask for crack or it says no dvd insert disc or missing file
THE CRACK process is :
First you find the crack then copy everything in the crack folder and then you put everything in the place you install the game with copy and past and that’s all.

7.Launch the application. Play the game, and have fun. If you like the game always support the company making it.

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